Welcome to OneWorld Biotech, Inc. an R&D Partner Organization! We specialize in handling difficult-to-express proteins and complex expression and purification projects and provide optimal solutions. We offer complete protein production services including gene synthesis and cloning, protein expression and purification, protein characterization, and assay development. Because each protein production project is unique, it is essential to select the optimal host expression system. Utilizing the skills and technologies we have mastered over the years, we will help you reach your goals efficiently and cost-effectively. Our molecular biology services are tailored to meet client-specific requirements in molecular cloning, RNA synthesis, and DNA/RNA purification. Discover the difference – call 215-942-4004 or email today!

NEW!!! PD-1 and PD-L1 Recombinant Proteins;  Zika Virus PCR and Real Time PCR Kits; GP73, AFP and HBsAg ELISA Kits. Please see Products page.